searchin for life, gaspin' for air
heartbroken, disrepair


can ur child serve like this

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I was looking for reference for bracket fungi, and I ran into this:


And second I saw that, I was like ”wait, that looks familiar…”.

Then it hit me.


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I want to pretend they were on this boat together. I love it. both chilly after a fun day on the water

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For a few brief moments he had touched with the very tips of his fingers the edge of a magic world.

—Roald Dahl, from George’s Marvelous Medicine (via the-final-sentence)

MY FAVOURITE ASOIAF HOUSES → [7/10] » House Dayne of Starfall

↳ House Dayne of Starfall is a noble house from Starfall in Dorne. They are among the principal houses sworn to House Martell. The Sword of the Morning is a title given to a Dayne knight who is considered worthy of wielding the greatsword Dawn, a blade said to be created from the heart of falling star. Their sigil is a sword and a falling star on a lavender background.

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